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Published: 3 February 2023

1.8 – Poiyomi Integration And Avatar Dynamics


The speech to text bubble is now officially a Poiyomi 3rd party mod!

A lot of the Poiyomi features are now much easier to add to the messagebox, as well as a huge performance improvement! The messagebox has gone from nearly 800 polys to under 400, and from 4 materials to 1! You will also notice a difference in box sizes when uploading the new Speech Bubble on your avatar.

And with the addition to the global mask in Poiyomi, the amount of customization becomes much more easy and boundless, like creating an outline, changing the color of the text, fonts, emissions, and many more!

And a whole bunch of other features Poiyomi provides! Shoutout to them and their discord server!


Along with the new shader comes an overhaul of the messagebox itself. Although it looks very similar to the old one, it has a lot more new features and enhancements to performance.

Avatar Dynamics have been added! Simply grab the box and drag it into the world, or put it back on your head (or anywhere else you want to put the Avatar constraint):


Our next steps will involve customizability. Now that we have a solid framework to build from, we will be adding new messagebox shapes, fonts, and emotes in the near future! Stay tuned for more updates from us!


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