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Published: 11 January 2023

A huge STTS update for the VRCSTT!

With the addition of the recent patches and hotfixes, many features were also added as well as languages offered! Here are the most major ones:


New recent cognitive speech services

  • FonixTalk added!
  • TikTok added!
  • SAM added!
  • For a total of 6 different services in the program!


New voices added to our STTS list (ordered by popularity)

Here are the top 10 most added AI voices to existing languages handled by the program:

  • English: 52 more AI voices for a total of 111!
  • Portuguese: 21 more AI voices for a total of 27!
  • Spanish: 20 more AI voices for a total of 67!
  • German: 19 more AI voices for a total of 26!
  • French: 18 more AI voices for a total of 29!
  • Italian: 14 more AI voices for a total of 18!
  • Arabic: 6 more AI voices for a total of 34!
  • Japanese: 5 more AI voices for a total of 8!
  • Polish: 5 more AI voices for a total of 8!
  • Korean: 4 more AI voices for a total of 7!

And a huge amount of other cognitive speakers as well as new languages. Increasing our total of over 200 different AI voices to 480!


Unicode languages added to the Chatbox dropdown

With VRChat’s native chatbox having supports to unicodes, we can now update the language dropdown from our end and include the languages that were on hold until it was implemented.


Stay active and expect more and more updates from us!

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